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Emmy Nominations Announced

Tatiana maslany.jpg Congratulations to all the 2015 Emmy nominations, especially Tatiana Maslany! Maslany has received her first Emmy nomination for lead actress in a drama ("Orphan Black"). What other nominations were you excited, saddened, or surprised by?

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From the Community

  • In spring 2015 it was first reported that ABC was developing a pilot presentation for a new television series featuring the Muppets under the working-title "Muppets 2015". On July 21, 2015, the entirety of the pilot presentation was posted on YouTube!
  • In our latest segment - "What If?" - we'll be exploring some of the coulda/shoulda/would scenarios regarding our cherished Star Trek franchise. From the different series, to the movies, and other elements that we've come to know so well, there are many ways in which things could have turned out differently - some on the subtle side, and others much more dramatic.
  • The following is a list of goofs, errors, and mistakes in the series Gravity Falls. Note: There is a difference between a goof (a mistake made by the directors/writers) and intentional gag shots (a mistake made by a character, or a "mistake" made on purpose as a joke or reference).
  • There's a new poster for FEAR, looking very good. FearTWD 2Sheet National LR1 Looks like a nice warm LA evening. The Pilot will be 90 minutes long, which is more than nice and... the release date in the UK is 31st August. Don't know why we get it a week and a day later than everyone else - just lucky I guess.
  • At tonight's DCTV panel, during the Supergirl segment, several things were revealed: Peter Facinelli has been cast as Maxwell Lord, in a recurring role for the first season. Known DC characters, Reactron and Livewire will be some of the villains that Supergirl goes up against in Season 1.